Hesher, A Dish Best Served…Under the Radar?

March 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

For the common anarchist, the typical agent of chaos can be made from an array of everyday household items.  First, take 1 hot plate, add to it Dad’s old battery hydrometer, toss them both in an enameled steel container, and finish by topping them off with enough potassium chloride to make MacGyver’s head spin.  What you get is a concoction capable of leveling the fluorescent-lit garage from which it was born.  Or, you could try the easier, albeit much-more-compelling alternative, and watch Hesher, which entertains a similar formula.  Although hardly comparable to the physical act of “blowing shit up”, Hesher is probably the closest one could come to actually doing so.

To wit, the Sundance hit, which left the ears of its critics ringing after exploding on screens in Park City, Utah last year, was crafted with some of the finest ingredients Hollywood has to offer.  Add 1 part Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 2 parts writer/director Spencer Susser, a teaspoon of newcomer Devin Brochu, a dash of Rainn Wilson, and just for kicks and giggles, a light sprinkle of an uncharacteristically mousy-faced Natalie Portman, and the result is a dangerously twisted coming of age story. So it would seem.

Hesher, which is supposedly set to hit select theaters in the spring of 2011, is the story of Hesher, a twenty-something, greasy-haired anarchist/heavy-metal enthusiast/pyro-maniac, who terrorizes the grief-stricken Paul Forney (played by the multi-faceted Rainn Wilson), and his young son T.J. (Brochu), as they attempt to cope with the recent death of T.J.’s mother.  Hesher spends his time sniffing glue, lighting things on fire, making bombs, and really, just doing anything else you could find in the Anarchist’s Cookbook.  Not exactly Beaver Cleaver, but interesting nonetheless.  Let’s just say, if Julia Child were a knife-wielding sociopath, Hesher would be the ever-present brainchild tugging at her skirt for another slice of fun-fetti cake. Yet at its heart, the story is ultimately about an unlikely friendship that blossoms between two misfits, both in search of hope.

Already having a respectable body of work behind him in such a short amount of time, Levitt has carved out quite a comfortable niche in the Hollywood community.  And while he is slowly cultivating his image as a leading man in several soon-to-be released blockbusters, this little film is sure to be a defining point in the up-and-comer’s career.

The ample amount of talent coupled with the flawless direction of first-timer Spencer Susser is sure to result in a disastrously compelling feast for the eyes.  Be sure to catch this gem while you can, as it is very likely to fly under the radar.


By Zack Campbell, Staff Film Writer.


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