Engaging L.A. Culture: People Watching at the Farmer’s Market

April 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

“People watching” has developed into a favored pastime for most individuals. Setting aside time to observe the community around us often yields to a more refined perception of culture. It illuminates current fashion trends, it can challenge us with societal norms or deviation from the norm, and can frequently result in comical enjoyment when witnessing a particularly quirky situation. As we at the 138 Collective seek to engage with the intriguing concept of culture, we felt that doing some “people watching” for ourselves would spark a fascinating cultural conversation. This is why we sent one of our staff fashion photographers, Chelsea Alling, into one of the many eclectic epicenters of Los Angeles street culture: the Farmer’s Market. Here, she captured the mélange of people types and even some entertaining oddities (including the man in brown leather, holding his pet goat) that our buzzing city has to offer. We would like to share this experience of L.A. culture with you. There are many more to come.

Photos by Chelsea Alling, staff fashion photographer.
Written by Kourtney Jackson, staff fashion & culture writer.


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