PRADA – Spring 2011 RTW

April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

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From a child’s perspective, the characters of Prada’s Women’s Spring 2011 RTW preview may well have marched out of Willy Wonka’s factory, or rather its psychiatric ward, such was the pairing of baroque sunglasses with constrained, scrub-like suits featuring dysmorphic shoulders. The models tripped down the runway in South American espadrilles and Daddy’s brogues mounted on woven wedges dangling bananas from their ears and dragging those distinct, bushy stoles that have been slung over so many arms lately. Cotton sundresses flaunted narrowed cuts with a tango flare and bold stripes silhouetted by gilded, aesthetic print. Occasionally, a sombrero with vortex stripes towed behind, tethered to the neck by bonnet ribbons.

Reading playfulness into Miuccia Prada’s cosmopolitan creations is in no way a misjudgment of her intentions, as she deviated from the elegance and sobriety of her past year’s collections towards this amalgam of flippancy and composure. Certainly, she nods to the workingwoman as carved out by fashion with the emergence of minimalist tailoring, but she also clarifies to her audience through her brazen patterns that in all this self-reliance, humor remains imperative. Perhaps this is best recapitulated in the vigorous ad campaign behind show’s signature eyewear. These illustrations exploited her synthesis of the irrational and exotic with baroque sophistication, adorning smug illustrations of a woman’s frame in repose with the head of an animal.

By Alyson Luthi, staff fashion writer.


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