The Future of July

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

In her debut film Me and You and Everyone We Know, performance-artist-turned-filmmaker Miranda July strings together a slightly off-kilter group of characters, clad with their own sets of quirks and idiosyncrasies. The film, simple as it seems, is a portrait of the tragic cost of modern living, which is much more complex than it would appear to be. July handles the material with grace, amplifying the typically embarrassing “hush hush” aspects of our culture, such as divorce, internet relationships, and midlife crises.

What she shows us is that the world, mundane as it might seem, is actually a fantastic mess of misconceptions, its porous exterior inundated with substance and possibility.

July’s sophomore effort, entitled The Future, which premiered at Sundance, revolves around a couple whose simple life is upset after they adopt a cat from an animal shelter. Even more interesting is the fact that the movie is narrated by the cat herself. Knowing July’s knack for comedic realism, it’s safe to say that the film will continue her recurring satire of our culture’s need to downplay what if finds embarrassing or exploitative.

With only two films under her belt, Miranda July has had quite an explosive career turn, having already established herself as a heavy hitter in various mediums of art. A horse of many colors, this little film is sure to be the start to a very promising future.

Zack Campbell, Film Writer


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