Letter From the Editor

We have heard it said that the first impressions are the most important. From the first hand shake, to the first hello, we are told that our beginnings will, in many ways, define our end. Well, here goes nothing!

We are/this is/we will be The 138. Our hope is that The 138 will grow into a forum for style, culture, art, media, etc. in our immediate community.

We are in the beginning stages and we hope to fully launch, with all the bells and whistles, sometime in the Spring.

Consider this  immediate site a “test drive” of sorts.

Now, a test drive can go one of two ways. We can put the “pedal to the metal” and ride out into the sunset OR we can “fly off the handle,” hit an old lady and smash into an oak tree.

Either way, it’s still pretty cool.

We are young. We are new.  We are here to stay. All we ask is that you watch and engage with us as we grow.


Domfeh, Editor

138 Collective



§ 2 Responses to Letter From the Editor

  • Hey there,

    I was visiting my daughter last week at Biola and saw your info after Moch Rock.

    I noticed you have your blog on wordpress.com. You should consider having the full version of wordpress on your own domain name.

    Maybe you already have that in the works?

    If I can help in some way let me know.


  • We’d love it if you reviewed our EP, we’re based in La Mirada! You can download our whole EP for free by clicking the main photo on our website. It will download a zip file.

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